The Ohio Association of Health Underwriters (OAHU) Agent Program - Human Resources Subscription

Reasons To Participate

  1. Competitive commission paid to agents the first year and each renewing year thereafter. Example: Agent sells 12 subscriptions annually or one per month. Five in the small business range ($200), five in the medium business range ($400), and two in the larger business range ($1,200). Potential annual earnings:
    - 1st year = $4,200
    - 2nd year = $8,400
    - 3rd year = $12,600
    - 4th year = $16,800
    - 5th year = $21,000
  2. Today’s business environment is competitive and strong. Human Resource functions are essential to the foundation and bottom line of a business. The HR Subscription is a great service to add to your portfolio of products. It is a service every business needs and you can offer a unique product/service that is affordable and complimentary to businesses of all sizes.
  3. Through the HR Subscription, you are helping businesses with HR and compliance administrative challenges. These challenges can be time consuming and sometimes hard to understand – not to mention potential fines that can result in non-compliance of ever changing labor laws and regulations. You provide an affordable solution that saves time and reduces risk.
  4. Through the HR Subscription, you provide an output tool that helps businesses uncover the most pressing needs. This can help your customers get on the road to efficient processes and procedures.
  5. Through the OAHU partnership with RiskControl360°, you are able to provide a holistic solution to risk in the areas of workers’ compensation, safety, HR and administrative compliance, and unemployment. You become even more valuable to your current and prospective customers – enabling you to retain and grow your business.

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