NABIP Ohio Chapter PAC – An integral part of NABIP Ohio Chapter’s State Legislative efforts to advocate for the role of the agent in preserving customer choice in Ohio’s health insurance market.

For many years, the NABIP Ohio Chapter has been the voice of Ohio’s insurance agents who specialize in the sale and servicing of health insurance products. NABIP Ohio Chapter members are advocates for preserving free-market healthcare for individuals and families, many of which receive their health insurance through their employer.

A key ingredient in representing NABIP Ohio Chapter members is to have a successful Political Action Committee (PAC) that is an active participant in the election of State Senators and Representatives who support the role of health insurance agents and the families and businesses they serve.

With this as a background, please consider contributing to NABIP Ohio Chapter PAC today.

Contributing to our NABIP Ohio Chapter PAC helps to support the work we all do for our clients and our community.  You can contribute any amount and we encourage you to become a Capitol Club member by contributing at least $25 automatically each month or an annual donation of $300.  By becoming a Capital Club member, you become one of our elite donors and will receive recognition annually during our events.  Thank you supporting your NABIP Ohio Chapter PAC.   

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Please Note: CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS ARE PROHIBITED UNDER OHIO LAW! Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for state or federal income tax purposes.

QUESTIONS? CONTACT NABIP Ohio Chapter’s Government Affairs Consultants, Matt Forney at (614) 221-3700 or [email protected] or Shawn Kasych at (614) 299-0901 or [email protected].